Los Angeles

This story continues on from the last post Las Vegas. If you have not read it yet you can do so here.


Our trip from Vegas to LA was pretty uneventful, the bus was slow and took about 6 hours, mostly due to being held up in Vegas because the indicator on the bus was not working. It was very cheap though at $25 each, so we were not complaining.


We arrived in LA around 10pm on Saturday night and were dropped of somewhere “downtown”. I put downtown in quotes because it did not feel like downtown at all. The place we were dropped felt very sketchy and unsafe, although looking at it later it was actually downtown, possibly just a bad part of downtown. From the drop off we caught a cab to The Dixie Hollywood, this was the worst hotel we stayed in for our entire trip. The bed had stains, the bathroom samples were open and used and they did not even have a key for us for our room. We only stayed the one night there before getting a refund for the rest of the days booked. We did try and make the most of the night and went out for some delicious Thai nearby.


Our Sunday was spent talking to Hotwire getting a refund and re-booking a hotel. By the time all this was done it was 3pm and we checked in to the Hollywood Heights in Hollywood. This was right in the center of Hollywood and very close to Hollywood Blvd. Unfortunately the hotel was under complete renovation, so there was dust everywhere, but at least the rooms were nice. That night we ventured out along Hollywood Blvd which to be honest didn’t really seem all that interesting to us. We saw all the Stars in the pavement and that’s about all that’s there.


To be honest the next few days were very boring as we had to get passport photos and visit our embassies to get new passports. I’m not going to explain the boring details.


In between submitting applications and actually receiving our passports we did get to see Venice Beach, walk up to the Hollywood Sign, visit the Griffith Observatory and catch up with a friend of mine, Genaro, who drove us around for a day, thanks so much Genaro, we really did appreciate it. I would recommend everyone to see the Griffith Observatory at dusk, it is an amazing sight. You can see over most of LA.


We got our passports all sorted on the final day in LA and left later that night. The flight back was  long, but getting home felt amazing after everything.


The one thing I can take from this is. Never lose your passport. Ever. Its a royal pain.