LA to San Francisco

We flew from Washington into Los Angeles with Virgin America, which was probably one of the best flights I have been on, very comfortable and nice staff. Upon arrival at LAX we picked up the rent-a-car, which happened to be a Jeep, so that was fun to drive around in. We made our way along the coast and straight out of LA to Ventura where we stayed the night. Being late at night there was not much to see or do.

The next morning we jumped back in the car and headed over up to Santa Barbara, which is about half an hour or so out of Ventura. Santa Barbara is a nice little beach town, which would actually be nice to stay in for a night or two. We had a walk around the main street and down the pier. The weather was not all that great so we hopped back in the car and headed up towards Monterey which is not to far south of San Fransisco. The drive up to Monterey was long as we decided to take the coastal road at night. The coastal road would have been really nice if the weather was nicer and it wasn’t so dark. We made it safely to Monterey late that night and checked into a random hotel where we grabbed a bite to eat and hit the hay.

The following day we finally got to San Francisco around 5pm where we met my dad’s sister, who we would be staying with for the next few days. The drive up the coast was really nice, it took a little longer than I originally thought but was worth it. If I was going to do it again, I would try to do more of the coast during the day.