I met another friend when I got to Montreal which was great to get a small guided tour of the city. It was raining a lot when I got there which limited what we could do. We walked around when I got there and got some all you can eat sushi! Amazing! From there we got some amazing ice-cream which had maple syrup as the main ingredient. We walked around a little more before calling it a day.

My second day there I met someone in the hostel and we ventured out to see the biodome which is meant to have 4 seasons all controlled and monitored which you can walk around in. Unfortunately when we go there we were informed that the place was closed on Monday’s. Apparently most things are closed on Monday in Montreal. We decided to head over to the other side of the city and visit a church which was meant to be a little freaky. We got to St Joseph Cathedral is was pretty cool looking. Not really freaky tough. We walked around inside and it felt like every other church to be honest. What did suprise both of us was the crypt area, on the way out we waked past it and there was Brother Andre’s hart kept in a small jar. This was really the only interesting thing there. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are in Montreal. We got some delicious poutine for dinner which is gravy, chips and cheese, I know it sounds horrible but it’s delicious. That night I went out with some of the people from the hostel and had a few beers and shots to see of Montreal.

My final day in Montreal was spent getting lost trying to find the bus back to the airport. Time to head back to London. My US and Canadian trip are over. I would have loved to have some more time in Montreal to discover the city a little more.

The hostel I was staying in was really nice just by the way. I would recommend it to anyone, its right in the center of everything. “La Maison du Patriote” if your interested.