The drive from New York to Philadelphia was fairly painless compared to the last drive between Niagara Falls to New York. We arrived to Philadelphia around 5pm and decided to just relax, so we just ordered in and had a few beers at the hotel.

The next day we walked around Philadelphia, which is a fairly small city really, so we managed to walk around most of the city in a day. We saw Liberty Bell and the small museum, I wasn’t really impressed with the Liberty Bell but I guess you have to see it while your here. We walked around the rest of the city through the Arts area which is really interesting lots of cool little coffee shops and art works and murals. We walked down Young Street, which is the tourist street I guess, lots of pubs and little shops along here. There a quite a few parks around Philadelphia as well, which are nice to walk though, although the weather we had wasn’t really all that great so we walked quickly. We ended the day walking down the main area where the train station is which looks pretty cool, just around the corner from the art district.

Day two in Philadelphia we dove out to the Amish area and walked through the tourist house they have set up there. I will say that all myths I had about the Amish are now no existent. The whole not using technology thing is completely not true apparently. So although the house itself was quite boring the guide was very interesting. The day was really nice to, so it was nice to be out in the countryside in the fields. I think the Amish area is worth a look if you have some time, but not really a must see in my opinion.

That’s all for Philadelphia, next port of call is Baltimore. So stay tuned.