I was back in Toronto again to catch up with a crazy Canadian friend for 2 days and venture out a little more and discover Toronto. The weather had turned since last time and it was freezing and raining heavily. The first day I was there we chilled out and had a walk around downtown, got some ice-cream and dinner, and then went to an awesome little cinema which is actually in someones basement. The films are shown from original 16mm film. Unfortunately we were the only 2 who turned up. We ended up chatting to the owner and having a few beers before they we agreed it wasnt really worth showing the film if we were the only ones there. So we walked down the street and grabbed a few beers before calling it a night.

Day two in Toronto we walked around High Park which is just outside downtown Toronto, the park is nice with lots of squirrels. Without even realising it I had arrived during Nuit Blanche, a very cool festival which is spread out all over Toronto. The theme was interactive art and there were random exhibitions all around the place. The festival goes on all night so we walked around the festival for a few hours and saw some very random artwork. Before we knew it it was after 3am so we headed back.

This time in Toronto was nice and was really cool to just see Toronto how the locals see it. Had a great time.

With only 2 hours sleep I was off to Montreal.