The trip from London to Toronto was not to bad, I had a stop over in New York and then a short trip to Buffalo where I hired a car and drove over the border to Toronto. In total I think the trip was about 18-20 hours. By the time I got there I was very tired so checked in and had a nice sleep.

Sunday was a relaxing day of just chilling out and walking around Toronto. It is a very nice city, seems very relaxed and easy going. I managed to see the fighter jets which where there for the Labor Day holiday and really just walked around for the day before I had to pick my parents up from the airport. We all chilled out that night and caught up for the past year.

The next day was spent walking around again with my parents. We visited the Distillery District which is really nice to just walk around and wander into a few little arty kind of shops. The Distillery District has coffee, art and some generally random shops in it. From there we had a few beers and some coffee on the river, very nice.

The Tuesday was a late day, I think my parents jet lag finally caught up with them so by the time we were all out of bed it was after lunch. We walked around the market for a while and then headed over to the CN Tower, which has some beautiful views of Toronto. We headed up to China Town for some brunch/dumplings which pretty nice, nothing amazing though. We walked around the University area as well which is really nice to walk through and generally relax. From there I went to meet up with a friend who and had a few pints which was the perfect way to end the time in Toronto.