The drive to Washington D.C from Baltimore was painless, I think it was only about an hour from hotel to hotel. Most of the hotels in the city centre were booked out and if they were not booked out then they were over $1000 for the night. So we decided to stay just out of the city about 6 miles out in Harbor View, which is a very small and relatively new harbor area just out of Washington D.C. Their is not much here at the moment, I think it is primarily for conferences, so most of what is there is hotels and eateries. When we got to the hotel we had a walk around for the day and had a few drinks while planning out the next day.

We headed into D.C the next day and began the day by heading up to Capital Hill and then on to Union Station, which is pretty cool inside, worth a visit but not a necessity. From there we walked back down to The Mall, which is the main garden strip where you can see all the major attractions of D.C such as the Smithsonian etc. At one end you have Capital Hill and at the other is the Washington Monument and The Lincoln Memorial. We walked from one end to the other passing by the many museums along the way, unfortunately we only really had a day in D.C and didn’t really have time to visit many of the museums, plus the weather was nice so we made the most of it. If you are going to visit the museums then you are best doing it all in one go I think and then use your next day to explore the city more.

The walk from one end to the other of The Mall is about an hour if you are taking your time. We walked around the Washington Monument which is the massive pillar sculpture, and from there headed onto the Lincoln Memorial, where you can see good old Abe sitting on the seat. The reflecting pool which is world famous was not there unfortunately as it was under re-construction, so there was no good photos to be taken down the strip.

After the Memorial we made our way to the White House, which to be honest is very boring, as it is literally just the outside of the house as you would see from TV. I would recommend organising a tour if you have the time, I believe you have to do this through your national embassy a month before-hand which we didn’t realise either. By the time we had seen all of the above it was getting time for dinner and we were all tired from the walking, so we decided to head back to the hotel and grab some dinner.

I think Washington D.C is viewable in a day, you just need to get up a little earlier than we did, it is quite a walkable city as well.

Our second day in Washington D.C we ventured into the “Old Town” also known as Georgetown, which is just north-west of the main attractions of D.C. Georgetown is a very nice and expensive looking part of D.C with designer shops and nice eateries along the street. There didn’t seem like a lot to do here besides walk around so we grabbed some lunch and did just that. From Georgetown we drove passed The Pentagon, again not much to see as it is so massive it just looks like a giant dull building, and headed onto Arlington Cemetery. For me personally I didn’t really care to look at the burial plots of those who have been killed at war so I found it very uninteresting. But I would imagine if you are into stuff like this it would be very good. There are literally thousands of burials plots here. The cemetery itself is a major tourist attraction, which I find odd as it is still cemetery, with people taking their cameras in to take photos. We did see JFK’s burial plot, but like I said I found it all a little dull. That marked the end of the day, we had to move hotels for the night so we drove over to Alexandria, but managed to get very lost along the way so we didn’t get to the hotel until late. We decided to just grab a few drinks and call it a night.

Now off to San Francisco.